The First of its Kind

VOCO believes people (including us) want an easier way to search, manage and play music and video in any room; along with the freedom to access media and control it using their mobile devices.

Easy to Use, Easier to Setup

With revolutionary voice search getting what you want fast is just words away. Instant 1 touch playback makes the easiest way to listen quickly without a controller. Setup is a snap and can be done completely wirelessly. No bridge needed, no hassles.

Online Media Services

A Few Stats About VOCO

Billion daily YouTube views

YouTube is the largest content provider on the planet. Play unlimited YouTube media through your VOCO devices.

VOCO Available in 16 Countries

VOCO has gained popularity all over the world due to its innovation which allows users to easily stream music and video in any room wirelessly.

Free internet radio stations

Combined with other popular online music services like Spotify and Pandora, you have near-unlimited access to all the music you love.

Open API

VOCO believes in being open, and you can find our API in the forum section. Easily integrate with control systems such as Control4, RTI, ELAN, Crestron, AMX, and more!

Life Experiences with VOCO
V-Spot sitting on a desk shelf

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Residential Install:

The V-Spot was installed in a home office where it is mainly used for streaming music in the background. But, V-Spot is much more than a background music entertainment system. Turning the volume up on a favorite song is a true pleasure. Furthermore, the 5 preset buttons on the top of the V-Spot are a great tool to quickly tune in to a favorite channel, without having to use another device. It is also easy to connect existing home office equipment to the V-Spot internet Wi-Fi connection.

See It

Distributor DSI Systems will now carry VOCO’s line of wireless, multi-room, music and video streaming.

Distributor DSI Systems has added VOCO to its product portfolio. VOCO offers multiroom streaming, voice search, streaming from computers (PC/MAC), iTunes, YouTube, smartphones, tablets, USB drives and free online services like Pandora, Tunein and many others.

Widget Watch

Introducing our new VOCO iPad App Controller (Widget Watch)

VOCO, wireless music at home multi-room system and video streaming, announces the release of the newest VOCO Controller iPad app that uses a large screen to increase the ease of search, manage and quickly play unlimited music in any room in the house.

Electronic House

2013 Product of the Year Entrant

The product’s aesthetics and design qualities are simple and sleek. The V-Spot is meant to fit into nearly any location in any room. The front is slightly curved with a wrap around grill. The use case for the V-Spot is for a single room music or video solution.