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Wireless Voice-Controlled Music From Voco

Geek Beat
Apple’s AirPlay is a joy to use, and it works perfectly with products that are designed for it. But what if you have a PC, an Android phone, and no AirPlay compatible speakers? Well Voco has a solution for you with their V-Zone+ and V-Spot. The V-Zone+ is a device that connects to any TV, stereo, or powered speakers. It streams your music wirelessly from your computer and then through your home Wi-Fi to your speakers. Once you have gone through setup, you install an app on your Android or Apple iDevice. Through the app, you can choose what music you want to hear. Also, if you have more than...

What to See at CEA Line Show this Week

Technoverse Blog
Last night I was at the CEA Line Show’s sneak-peek for VIPs, wandering the aisles of this AV-centric event. Held at Manhattan’s Altman Building and Metropolitan Pavilion on W. 18th Street, this show is very much for the trade with established players showing off their latest gear. That’s not to say I wasn’t impressed by some of the very cool wireless sound systems, 3D TVs, and Bluetooth micro-speakers. But I was on a mission to boldly seek out computer-oriented wares. Here’s an itinerary I worked out to get you the best of both worlds. For a taste of what’s cooking in the audio-video world, I would first stop off and...

Your Weapon of VOICE

CE Week
Introducing VOCO's revolutionary product line that you won't shut up about. The Navvo Group, creators of VOCO, CEA Line Show T# 15 Remember as an infant when your mother urged you to "use your words"? We do too, and the groundbreaking trailblazers at The Navvo Group will back up your mom's case (no offense). The average human says roughly 16,000 words a day, yet you operate nearly all of your entertainment technology with your hands. Why? Founded in 2004, The Navvo Group recently created VOCO with the idea that Voice should and will be an integral part in how we manage and play music and video. Our VOCO product line...