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Navvo Group V-Spot

Electronic House
2013 Product of the Year Entrant MSRP: $399 The product’s aesthetics and design qualities are simple and sleek. The V-Spot is meant to fit into nearly any location in any room. The front is slightly curved with a wrap around grill. The use case for the V-Spot is for a single room music or video solution. The V-Spot obviously works to fill one piece of the multi-room audio solution. With a simple app download, the V-Spot becomes an All-In-One, wireless media player. The V-Spot can connect via HDMI to the TV and stream up to 1080p video. But it will also fill the room with superior sound. The user will...

Murfie and Voco debut lossless streaming

The Voco V-Spot is an audio/streamer and now accepts lossless Murfie streams. For audiophiles and music fans, the dream of a lossless streaming service has been tantalizingly out of reach for some time. While Neil Young talked big about his still-mysterious Pono audio format, the closest we've had to a "true" hi-fi service is Spotify . That is until this morning. Online service Murfie has announced that users will be able to stream their CDs losslessly to the new Voco streaming devices, while Sonos and smartphone users are limited to 320Kbps streams. Murfie users can join up to the new "Murfie HiFi club" for $99 a year and stream losslessly...