COHO Computer


COHO Computer is a full service computer repair shop and communications center which located in historic downtown Issaquah, WA.  The downtown area has frequent events and many of the local businesses open their doors to support and host hundreds of attendees.

Craig, the owner of COHO wanted a music solution that he could easily command from his mobile devices and also have the flexibility to easily change the genre of music based on the event and group of people he hosted.  This would allow people to enjoy food and drinks with some background music.  Craig knew he wanted a wireless music system.  Once he started researching he saw a couple systems, however we he noticed VOCO could also stream YouTube music videos – he was very intrigued.

Fun and Functional

The perfect solution for my business.

From Craig:
“I have many clients come in and have their kids with them, so I was looking for something that would be great for my space, but something cool that my customers’ kids can also play with.  Using the V-Spot in my reception area fills the entire upstairs with great sound. The V-Zone + downstairs allows me to enjoy the same great sounds in the shop on my existing Klipsch speaker system. VOCO turned out to be the perfect solution for a great state of the art music system throughout my entire building.”

Craig also had high praise for how easy it was to install the VOCO system and stream unlimited music and video. He’s even noticed a boost to his office atmosphere and an increase in his business because of the VOCO additions.

“Thanks VOCO, love you guys!”

The Setup

COHO Computers V-Spot Setup
V-Zone+ positioned on a work table
V-Spot setup with the tv

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