Home Installation, The Music Lover

Claudia wanted music to fill her 8,000 square foot home including the 2,200 square foot guest quarters at the pool. She wanted a simple solution that she, her family and friends can use during one of their many get togethers she likes to host. She also wanted something very easy to use on both Apple and Android devices, since she and her friends had both. It was a slightly complicated situation with lots of concrete, brick and multi-levels. VOCO was a perfect choice for her. Installing the many rooms was no problems. Kitchen, Great Room, Game Room, Bar Area, Outside Pool area, Bedrooms and the Guest Quarters all got VOCO installed.

A beautiful view of the water

Claudia also wanted to ensure she can get her favorite Latin music from Colombia. Using one of VOCO online music selection that was an easy task to complete. Now all Claudia has to do is ask for “Latin Jazz” and she get many options to choose from. Also her two (2) old son can easily play his favorite music by simply pressing one of the preset buttons on top of the VOCO V-Spot.

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