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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Residence

Amsterdam at night
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Residential Install: The V-Spot was installed in a home office where it is mainly used for streaming music in the background. But, V-Spot is much more than a background music entertainment system. Turning the volume up on a favorite song is a true pleasure. Furthermore, the 5 preset buttons on the top of the V-Spot are a great tool to quickly tune in to a favorite channel, without having to use another device. It is also easy to connect existing home office equipment to the V-Spot internet Wi-Fi connection.

Home Installation, Seattle WA

Seattle, Washington Residential Install: Home was purchased with an existing home stereo system installed which provided the audio stream into six (6) areas in the house.  VOCO was installed into the existing home stereo to take advantage of the 100,000 free internet stations, many online services, as well as the ability to play private music collection off of home computers.  VOCO was also used to wirelessly stream separate music into children’s room, the kitchen, as well as streaming music videos from YouTube to the living room. The Setup

Home Installation, The Music Lover

Claudia wanted music to fill her 8,000 square foot home including the 2,200 square foot guest quarters at the pool. She wanted a simple solution that she, her family and friends can use during one of their many get togethers she likes to host. She also wanted something very easy to use on both Apple and Android devices, since she and her friends had both. It was a slightly complicated situation with lots of concrete, brick and multi-levels. VOCO was a perfect choice for her. Installing the many rooms was no problems. Kitchen, Great Room, Game Room, Bar Area, Outside Pool area, Bedrooms and the Guest Quarters all got VOCO installed....

COHO Computer

COHO Computer is a full service computer repair shop and communications center which located in historic downtown Issaquah, WA.  The downtown area has frequent events and many of the local businesses open their doors to support and host hundreds of attendees. Craig, the owner of COHO wanted a music solution that he could easily command from his mobile devices and also have the flexibility to easily change the genre of music based on the event and group of people he hosted.  This would allow people to enjoy food and drinks with some background music.  Craig knew he wanted a wireless music system.  Once he started researching he saw a couple...

Dental Office

Dave’s Dental practice needed a simple solution for music playback to be managed by the staff in his office. They wanted to ensure they could play different genre of music during the day depending on morning versus afternoon. Also they wanted their patients to also choose their specific choice of music while in the chair getting worked on. Using the VOCO V-Spot help them with their request. They are able to simply tap on one of the 5 preset buttons on the top of the device or use the VOCO Controller app to select the music they want to play right now. Their patients are loving it too, since they...