Navvo Group
VOCO announces new international distribution partners. Navvo, creators of VOCO forms agreements with many countries globally.

Press release | August 01, 2012
"VOCO is the world's first voice-controlled wireless multi-room music system."

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CEPro Cedia Expert Insider
"Multiroom music system features cloud-based speech-recognition engine for search; may give Sonos some fresh competition. If voice recognition ever had a use within the home, then music is it. And one of the most promising implementations comes from Navvo, whose Voco system is much more than a solid wireless audio system with voice-enabled search capabilities."

Link to article | September 26, 2011
"The company's Voco wireless system uses Wi-Fi-equipped Android tablets and Android smartphones as system controllers. Unlike other wireless multi-room-audio systems, Voco also offers voice control of song selection via Navvo's free app, which also lets users select songs via an Android device's touchscreen."

Link to article | September 08, 20
CEPro Cedia Expert Insider
"At CEDIA Expo 2011, VOCO will demonstrate a voice-controllable multiroom wireless music system - just speak into an Android phone, and you can have Frank Sinatra crooning in every room of the house."

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2011 Best Electronic System Technologies
"VOCO makes searching for music fast and easy. VOCO's voice processing brings back accurate results, eliminating the hassle of scrolling through long lists of artists or songs...VOCO works with any powered audio equipment, opening you up to a world of possibilities. From the simplest set of speakers to the most intricate home theater system, VOCO works with all of them."

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1 of 3 Finalists in Music Lover division
"Voted on by a panel of mobile consumer electronics media and analysts, the finalists represent the most innovative, functional, creative and cutting-edge mobile consumer products and applications for this holiday season. Finalists were narrowed from hundreds of submissions across 10 categories."

September 22, 2010