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  1. V-Zone+


    Turn your stereo system into a voice controlled, streaming media system!

    • Simply connect the V-Zone+ to any stereo, powered speakers, or TV and stream music or video any time
    • Download the VOCO Controller and use your voice to access and manage music and videos, internet radio, online music services, and YouTube
    • VOCO allows you to use Android and Apple smart devices to stream music and video anytime
    • Easy wireless set-up using your home WiFi or simply plug the V-Zone into Ethernet for automatic configuration
    • Built in music server automatically finds music when an iPod, mp3, or USB hard drive is plugged in
    • Pre-configured as a WiFi hotspot

    Price: $399.99

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    1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

    1. Stream music and videos to your stereo, home theatre, or TV

    2. Streams 1080p HD video

    3. Built in NAS Functionality

    4. Configurable as a hot spot (WiFi extender)

    5. Built in media server software allows you to plug iPod, MP3 Players or USB hard drives into USB port


    • VOCO voice engine with higher accuracy than Google. 93% versus 75% task completion.
    • Same voice recognition engine in: Lexus, Toyota, Chrysler

    Supported Music Files

    • Format supported natively: MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, OGG.
    • All other popular formats supported through transcoding.

    Setup using your smart phone or tablet with VOCO app

    • When connected to Ethernet there is no setup required.
    • Wi-Fi is configured via Wizard on smart phone or tablet


    • 7.1"W x 1.4"H x 4.2"D in

    • PC running Windows 7®, Windows Vista® or Windows XP®

    • Mac running OSX

    » 100 MB of available hard disk space
    » Stereo or powered speakers
    » 802.11 b/g/n access point or ethernet
    » Broadband internet connection

    • Android smart phone or Android mobile internet device (MID) having:

    » Android OS 2.1 or greater
    » Microphone
    » Wi-Fi enabled

    • Apple iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad having::

    » iOS 5.0 or greater
    » Microphone
    » Wi-Fi enabled

    • At least 1 VOCO receiver