Introducing our new VOCO iPad App Controller (Widget Watch)

Widget Watch

MINNETONKA, Minn. – VOCO, wireless music at home multi-room system and video streaming, announces the release of the newest VOCO Controller iPad app that uses a large screen to increase the ease of search, manage and quickly play unlimited music in any room in the house. VOCO steps it also by ensuring the appropriate wireless streaming video from YouTube ® to your TV; . more and more users VOCO so close to a real concert experience as possible From the feedback and usage, VOCO iPad app controller uses the three most frequently used areas, and always presents them in context: NOW PLAYING zone selection and content.

Users can see all of your zones to manage the content of the music and view the Now Playing details Controller iPad app VOCO still uses one of the most powerful human interface:. Voice to quickly Voice Search for artists, albums and tracks. Walkie-talkie like feature allows you to ask for the “Lady Gaga” and a few seconds to find it in your personal music collection, as well as the ability to search many other online services to find Lady Gaga plays all over the world.

Your weapon of voice allows you to find what you want, szybciej.VOCO was early leader in voice as a powerful way of navigating through the system integrated wireless music. About VOCO Navvo LLC creators of VOCO. VOCO Wireless Media System allows Stream unlimited music and video on YouTube ® every room wirelessly.

VOCO is the first of its kind; combining sound HiFi, YouTube ® videos and voice search, providing a unique musical experience. Innovative product lifestyle VOCO provides easier and more efficient ways to search, manage and play music in any room; and the freedom to access and control it using your Apple ® or Android ® smartphone or tablet. VOCO offers streaming, multi-room, voice search, streaming your music collection with personal computers(PC / MAC / NAS) , iTunes ®, YouTube ®, smartphones, tablets, USB drives, and many services will be open online.VOCO and will provide the ability to easily integrate with the control system via a heritage home with TCP / IP.

VOCO believe people(including us) do not want to settle for half of the musical experience, when you can get the whole experience the ultimate music listening and viewing your favorite artists in high resolution, crystal-clear quality. Play unlimited music and video wirelessly. VOCO gets him ™. VOCO is available in more than 16 countries, or direct from VOCO. VOCO V-Spot is an award-winning product. VOCO is a private company headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN, USA. V-Zone, Zone V +, V-Spot, V-Pack. © 2014 Navvo LLC.

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