The Navvo Group Debuts VOCO’s Streaming Audio, Photo, and Video at CES

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The Newest VOCO Products Unveiled; The V-Zone + and the V-SpotL Booth #21738

MINNETONKA, Minn., Jan. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The Navvo Group is expanding the revolution in how people interact with entertainment and information. The newest VOCO products include the V-Zone + and the V-Spot all-in-one media system. Following the launch of VOCO’s V-Zone, the world’s first voice controlled wireless multi-room music system; Navvo continues to show that innovation is part of its DNA. The V-Zone + takes all the functionality of the V-Zone and adds the ability to stream photos and up to 1080p video from your Android Application to your TV. The Apple version of the VOCO APP will be available by end of Q1 ’12. The V-Zone + is also configurable as a hotspot for home wireless network expandability, and features NAS functionality to allow drag and drop capability to your V-Zone +.

VOCO invites you to “Come play with our V-Spot” at CES, where The Navvo Group will be showcasing the all-in-one media system. In addition to all the functionality of the V-Zone and V-Zone +, the V-Spot features brilliant sound with five Class D amps, a subwoofer, two woofers and two tweeters. In another industry first, the V-Spot provides wireless streaming for your photos and YouTube Videos from your VOCO Android (Soon iOS) APP, or to control your music through presets on the media system without your smartphone. “The V-Spot truly is a great sounding, ‘all-in-one’ media system, and we look forward to unveiling it to the world at CES 2012,” said CEO Wade Fenn. “We are excited to demonstrate VOCO’s Video capabilities with ‘Photo streaming’ along with voice retrieval and playback of YouTube videos on TV, through the V-Spot.”

VOCO manages media from Phones or Tablets, PC or MAC, iTunes, iPods, external hard drives, internet radio, and YouTube, allowing you to stream media to each room in your home. The Navvo Group recently inked its first international distribution deal with Australia.

V-Zones will be available for purchase at CES, followed by the launching of the V-Zone + and the V-Spot in March, 2012. Apple users will be able to take advantage of all three products by the end of Q1, 2012.

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