Wireless Voice-Controlled Music From Voco

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Apple’s AirPlay is a joy to use, and it works perfectly with products that are designed for it. But what if you have a PC, an Android phone, and no AirPlay compatible speakers? Well Voco has a solution for you with their V-Zone+ and V-Spot.

The V-Zone+ is a device that connects to any TV, stereo, or powered speakers. It streams your music wirelessly from your computer and then through your home Wi-Fi to your speakers. Once you have gone through setup, you install an app on your Android or Apple iDevice. Through the app, you can choose what music you want to hear. Also, if you have more than one V-Zone you can have different music playing in various rooms throughout your house or the same music playing in all rooms. The app can be voice controlled so you just have to speak to get the music you want. The V-Zone+ can also be used as a wifi hotspot. The price of the V-Zone+ when it goes on sale will be $349.99.

Another product from Voco is the V-Spot. It does all of the same things as the V-Zone+ but it also has built in speakers, so there is no need for multiple pieces of equipment taking up precious space. The V-Spot features 1 sub-woofer, 2 woofers, 2 tweeters, and 5 Class-D amps. When the V-Spot goes into retail it will sell for $449.99.

These two products look as if they have it all and I can’t wait to see these in stores in the near future.

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