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Introducing VOCO’s revolutionary product line that you won’t shut up about.

The Navvo Group, creators of VOCO, CEA Line Show T# 15

Remember as an infant when your mother urged you to “use your words”? We do too, and the groundbreaking trailblazers at The Navvo Group will back up your mom’s case (no offense).

The average human says roughly 16,000 words a day, yet you operate nearly all of your entertainment technology with your hands. Why?

Founded in 2004, The Navvo Group recently created VOCO with the idea that Voice should and will be an integral part in how we manage and play music and video. Our VOCO product line offers voice controlled, multi-room, music and video streaming. We believe that people (including us) want easier and more efficient ways to access and manage music and video.

V-Spot Main View
V-Zone+ Alternate Angled View

We sat down with ourselves to decipher the truth behind our vision, our products, our planning, and our mission.

Q: What was the motive behind The Navvo Group’s decision to focus on voice control?

A: “Voice allows for two major benefits: quick access to a large data base of content without time consuming, menu driven, clicks and scrolls AND for multi-tasking…often in the kitchen or the car.” – Wade Fenn, Founder & CEO

Q: What does VOCO manufacture/sell? Is this software, or does VOCO have products that actually play music?

A: “The short answer would be ‘Both’. Our manufactured products stream content to existing AV equipment (V-Zone, V-Zone+), while our all-in-one players have built-in speakers (V-Spot) and other unique features. We also created VOCO Controller software (iOS /Android app) and provide VOCO Computer software, allowing consumers to stream music off of their PC/Mac.” – Tom Gotuzzo, SVP Marketing Sales & Customer Care

Q: I want to blast Hip Hop music in every room of my house, how would VOCO make this possible?

A: “There are a couple different ways. If you already have speakers wired throughout the home, you simply plug your zone into your stereo system, find your music and start clubbin’! Or, if you have multiple zones you can easily point each zone to the same source and sync the zones to hear your music wherever you have VOCO set up. Either way you can create a multi-room VOCO streaming media system that straight up raises the roof!” – Matt Juaire, Director of Marketing & Sales

Q: What content is accessible with VOCO and where can I play it from?

A: “When implementing content, we take the approach of choosing services that provide our customers with the largest global reach. That is why we implemented Tunein Radio,, Digitally Imported, and JazzRadio among other services. In addition to providing users with unlimited music listening (via 50,000 free internet radio stations and more), we also paired our offering with the largest video content provider on Earth – YouTube.” – Tom

Q: Will VOCO products be on local retail store shelves? What are VOCO’s plans in terms of distribution?

A: “VOCO products will be on shelves. Our distribution strategy is to generally be where people expect to find us. The three (3) channels we are primarily targeting are (1) Customer Install (2) AV Specialty and (3) High end retail (i.e. Brookstone).” – Tom

Q: What will consumers like about what VOCO has to offer?

A: “Consumers will like that we offer a solution for Audio AND Video, Android AND Apple, and Voice AND Touch controls.” – Wade

Q: What makes VOCO most excited about the CEA Line Show in New York?

A: “Other than sneaking up to Harlem for some of Sylvia’s Soul Food, and bouncing over to Fat Baby in Lower East…the VOCO team is JACKED up to be here for CEA week. We’re honored that the V-Spot is one of the 10 finalists for “Best of Show” this week, and we’re excited to show off the growing VOCO product line. It’s great to be a part of innovation anywhere, but at this show, in this city, we’re truly in the innovation “melting pot”. We’re happy to be here and look forward to showing VOCO to the world.” – Matt

While we hope to have covered a few bases with our brief ‘Q & A’ interview session, we would love to answer any other questions you may have for us at our table located inside the Altman building. Please stop by, check out our products, and discover your powerful Weapon of Voice.

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