What is VOCO?

VOCO is an advanced, multi-room audio system featuring Voice Search, YouTube videos, and accessing multiple content sources to play your music.   VOCO also pioneered easily programmable presets and “Paging/Texting” into its system.

Most of all, VOCO encourages you to upgrade your current stereo system while combining newer audio products as an affordable package.   VOCO’s system can be used without your Phone or Tablet as a part of the stream similar to the most expensive systems.   VOCO uses the phone as your controller and doesn’t require the phone in the stream to play music.  VOCO is currently sold in 19 countries.

Media from a variety of sources.

VOCO offers multi-room streaming from via WiFi or optional Bluetooth from iOS or Android Phone or Tablet, from your PC or Mac, from a NAS drive or local USB content plugged into a VOCO device or from your internet streaming services.   VOCO supports a number of file formats including lossless Flac  or standard MP-3 including your iTunes library.   VOCO supports all your favorite services via WiFi or optional Bluetooth, including video from YouTube and Tidal.

Music and Video come from a variety of sources with VOCO

Unique voice and touch interface.

VOCO’s intuitive voice and touch user interface leverages the best in technology for speedy search and access to available content.  Control all your zones and a single screen without missing a beat.   Play different songs to different zones or synchronize them together.

Unique user interface

Setup WiFi and Hotspots

WiFi and Hotspots.

VOCO products can be set up using WiFi or Ethernet.  Each VOCO device can be turned on as an access point, expanding your WiFi coverage in your home and displacing the need for multiple routers or extenders.   Use your VOCO HotSpot to connect your computer, phone or tablet to Hi-Speed internet in the area where you have placed the VOCO device.

Setup your hotspot

Typical VOCO System

Find your product to make your house an entertainment system to be proud of.  (V-Groove, V-Stick, V-Spot)