We are The Navvo Group

Our vision is to revolutionize access to content using voice.

Who We Are

The Navvo Group, LLC, creators of VOCO, believes in offering music and video in ways that push the envelope labeled “status quo”. Our VOCO product line offers voice controlled, multi-room, music and video streaming. We believe that people (including us) want easier and more efficient ways to access and manage music and video, along with the freedom to access media from any device using either Apple or Android. Our VOCO Controller app for Apple and Android allow you to use the power of your voice to more quickly manage your media. VOCO’s Voice Touch User Interface (VTUI) offers groundbreaking functionality that when teamed up with any one of our hardware products, allow you to turn your home into a digital media streaming bonanza! Whether you have existing HiFi equipment, or need to fill up an empty room with music and fun, we have a solution for your streaming media needs. If you want an innovative solution without all the wiring and fuss, let VOCO get your party started!

Our Fearless Leaders

Wade Fenn

CEO & Founder

As one of the principle contributors to Best Buy’s meteoric success in the last decade, Wade experienced first-hand the immense challenges and joys of working within the consumer electronics industry. He left the $22 billion retail giant in the early 2000’s to take a stab at creating something new, something different. VOCO is his passion.

Mike Frank


Mike served as Vice President of IT at Best Buy for several years, leading IT architecture and the new technology team for the retail leader. With 20+ years IT and technology experience, Mike fearlessly pushes the established definition of “what’s possible” with VOCO’s unique technology.

Jorge Rivera

Lead Engineer

Jorge is the Lead Engineer of our Development Team.

Our History

The Navvo Group was founded in 2004 with the idea that Voice should and will be an integral part in how we manage and play music and video. Founder and CEO Wade Fenn, Former Best Buy Executive, had a vision about the integration of Voice with content management and the interface. After several focus groups helped outline how best to implement the vision, The Navvo Group created VOCO (Voice Control). The first VOCO product was originally engineered with its own controller and was PC based, but the proliferation of smartphones led us to transform the VOCO Controller into the VOCO Controller smartphone app. Initial development took place on the Android platform and then recently the addition of iOS. The Navvo Group and VOCO were created to push the status quo. Our company’s history outlines our belief that the future of content management triages new and existing hardware with smart devices able to implement Voice as a faster, easier way to search. We believe in providing the freedom to use your smart device as a tool to search for, manage, and play music or video from multiple sources. We believe you should be able to play what you want, when you want, and access it from where you want. Ronald Regan said, “Freedom is right to question and change the established way of doing things”. We couldn’t agree more and our history will always be about questioning the established way of streaming media, and how can we improve it to make our lives simpler.


We don’t buy what you do; we buy why you do it. – Simon Sinek

At navvo the vision is to revolutionize access to content using voice. Why? We believe that “Voice” is the gateway to faster, simpler ways of accessing content, whether it’s music or videos. We want a better way to watch videos and listen to music, and we want an easier way to manage that process. We believe that the masses want that too. We all want things right now, but most things take hard work and patience. Let the VOCO team do the heavy lifting when it comes to streaming media, get what you want now. “You Say it, VOCO Plays it”!

Why would anyone want to use their smart device and have it only work with that brand or specific brands? Why wouldn’t people want to listen to music regardless of where it resides. Or, why wouldn’t people want to watch videos that are on a hard drive or in the cloud or a part of a movie service, and do it all from one interface? We believe people DO want that. Everyone at navvo wants that kind of innovation and we go to work every day to prove to you that what we believe is part of the solution.

We engineer VOCO products with the idea that people want music that sounds good, videos that look good and simple ways to drill through all of the above. With the best available technology, and a team long entrenched in Consumer Electronics, We will work to bring products that make your life more enjoyable and easier. We want you to be excited to invite your friends over and share VOCO’s benefits at family gatherings, summer BBQ’s, or in your college apartment. VOCO products are your friends too, they are meant to help you have fun! Let us show you that VOCO gets it. V is for Voice, V is for VOCO.