Navvo Group V-Spot

Electronic House

2013 Product of the Year Entrant

MSRP: $399

The product’s aesthetics and design qualities are simple and sleek. The V-Spot is meant to fit into nearly any location in any room. The front is slightly curved with a wrap around grill. The use case for the V-Spot is for a single room music or video solution. The V-Spot obviously works to fill one piece of the multi-room audio solution. With a simple app download, the V-Spot becomes an All-In-One, wireless media player.

The V-Spot can connect via HDMI to the TV and stream up to 1080p video. But it will also fill the room with superior sound. The user will find great value in being able to stream music from multiple locations where music may be stored around the home. 5 preset buttons allow the user to not even need their smart device to control the V-Spot; simply map your favorite playlists or internet radio stations to the preset buttons for touch and play functionality. The V-Spot is as dynamic and versatile a media device as you will find, and its value to the user comes in several areas. In addition to using voice as a primary search tool, streaming audio and video, and voice enabling internet radio searches, The V-Spot, along with all VOCO products is configured as a WiFi hotspot. Each device can extend the user’s home network to fix some of those WiFi “dead spots” inside or outside in the backyard/pool area. Each product has its own built in music server for easy plug and play with iPods, USB drives, and other mp3 players. In what some have called “magic” the VOCO Controller application auto detects when a VOCO product is available within seconds of being plugged in.

With limited resources we improve on our technology and our products on a daily basis. Our employees work across all corporate disciplines necessary to bring these products to market, and we embody everything that makes something great: Effort, Urgency, Creativity, and Execution. The V-Spot reflects these values, and adds it’s own flavor of innovation, great sound, and all around fun.

V-Spot Main View


Our product is set apart in several ways, some big and some small. because it represents everything most of us desire, either literally or metaphorically.

We are a small company carrying the torch of innovation in an segment of the market we love. We engineer a product with the backbone of what we truly believe in, freedom. We believe that no matter where your music resides, you should be able to easily access it and listen to it. The V-Spot is a big piece to that puzzle. Whether Apple or Android, PC or Mac, we believe you should be able to access that music and play it any time. With VOCO products you can. We believe we should be able to stream audio and video…the V-Spot does that. And we believe that Voice is core to faster, simpler searching…VOCO gets it. Key features that set us apart are:

1. Streams Audio and Video
2. Voice as core search function
3. Stream from or with Apple and Android smart devices
4. Built in Music Server
5. Configurable as WiFi hotspot
6. Open API’s for home controls integration
7. App free controls for those without a device


The V-Spot and VOCO products benefit the consumer in some innovative ways. Ultimately, we simply believe there is an easier way to enjoy great music and video. We use the v-Spot along with it’s counterparts to provide a family of prodcuts that could fit anywhere in the home for a truly integrated, multi-room audio experience.

Voice search allows consumers to eliminate the traditional drill down process people use to find content. With voice the process is faster and simpler, “You say it, VOCO plays it”. Streaming audio AND video is a benefit because people really want there to be less “noise” in order to hear what you want or watch what you want and providing an option to do but is unique. We also allow people to stream music from Android or Apple devices, off of PC’s and Macs, as well as from online music services. The built in music server allows a user to plug in an iPod or USB hard drive and stream anywhere in the home. The V-Spot is configurable as a WiFi hotspot to help extend a user’s WiFi network, a great benefit for going into the back yard, patio, basement “dead spots”, etc…

The VOCO technology provides many benefits we love and think the consumer does too.

Company Info

The Navvo Group, LLC, creators of VOCO, believes in offering music and video in ways that push the envelope labeled “status quo”. Our VOCO product line offers voice controlled, multi-room, music and video streaming. We believe that people (including us) want easier and more efficient ways to access and manage music and video, along with the freedom to access media from any device using either Apple or Android. Our VOCO Controller app for Apple and Android allow you to use the power of your voice to more quickly manage your media. VOCO’s Voice Touch User Interface (VTUI) offers groundbreaking functionality that when teamed up with any one of our hardware products, allow you to turn your home into a digital media streaming bonanza! Whether you have existing HiFi equipment, or need to fill up an empty room with music and fun, we have a solution for your streaming media needs. If you want an innovative solution without all the wiring and fuss, let VOCO get your party started!

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